Fire FTP: Heart of the Beast! File Transfer at Last!


This is Fire FTPOK guys, time to really make some trouble. So far we have been looking and poking at web sites and now we get to dig in and create real trouble! I mean this literally, since some care is necessary here or you can really screw up your site. When you activate this tool with a login and password you are writing to your remote server and putting your files in view of the world so care is advised before deploying your files!

FTP or "File Transfer Protocol" is merely a way of transferring data on the internet. (the real specification is ancient; from 1971) You employ an "FTP Client" like this beautifully written code to move your website from your local computer to a server where you have purchased space to host your website. There are many other FTP clients like Fetch for Mac of Filezilla for PC, we are just using this for simplicity's sake. By now you should have purchased a "domain name". This is the address on the internet where your files will reside (really a series of numbers coded as a "name" that is more memorable to the web-surfing public) These can be purchased through any domain registry on line with a credit card.

Download Fire FTP and let's get busy with some of the functionality of this program.

Opening Fire FTP in Firefox "tools"Opening Fire FTP First Time

You open Fire FTP by launching the Firefox Browser then expanding the "tools" tab. Fire FTP opens in a browser window. Once open there are several ways to access remote files; as a one shot "quick connect" (below) or under "create an account" (more common for your working sites)

Here is a great free tutorial on ftp basics




When You get it Downloaded and Running, It should look Like This:

Fire FTP opne and waiting for authorization

Here, I have open "quick connect." The panel is waiting for your Login and Password (set up when you purchased your domain) and the file you designate as "host" is the "root" for your website. On the left are your local files on your home computer and on the right panel will be your remote website in the (designated) directory. File management is critical to success in any website deployment and proper functionality. The arrows in the center transfer the files.

You can establish reusable accounts ("create an account") with the login and password stored on the left (as opposed to "quick connect") for your regular accounts. This is a fast and slick program for easy file transfer. Again, I caution new users to be careful about transferring files rapidly...give it some thought or you can quickly make a mess! Here are some final thoughts on web sites if all this seems daunting.

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