Great Fun With Web Developer and "edit html" Feature (miscellaneous tab)


The edit html function is fun!
This is a neat tool to modify content

"Edit html" Allows you to Modify Content on your browser

Here you can scare your friends by modifying any website and it will have the appearance of "live" on the internet. In reality it all is happening only on the local browser. It is very important in the web development process to understand the difference betwee local vs. "live on the server." We will make changes to our own web page here then upload this file to your site (you need the login and password--you must have the "permissions") Only then is it "live" on the server ("on the internet") for the world to see. Standard construction of FTP clients is to have a local panel on the left and the server on the right. You move your files across to the server once you modifications are complete (and checked carefully)

Anyway, at this point, play with this tool and see how html works so you can efficiently modify your page for later uploading. Remember that you must use W3 compliant html and CSS coding or another browser might interpret this page entirely differently. There is a "W3 Validator" in the web developer toolbar you should use to check your work. This also is no guarantee that another browser will not mangle your page, it just gets you closer!

There is a feature in the Web Developer Add On to save files and even FTP them to a hosted server. This works fairly well but does not allow you to organize files and sync your sites like Fire FTP (next step) If you are modifying your files using this program merely save them for later we will utilize Fire FTP next.


Firebug Logo
FireBug Tool for analysis

Firebug Tool For Analysis of Web Page HTML, CSS and JS

Firebug is a super efficient way of analyzing a web page for problems or figuring out "how they did that." This plug-in is free and downloading it is hightly recommended. Go here and get this tool! This device becomes increasingly meaningful as your pages become more complicated and dynamic. Here is a great descriptive video to show you some common uses.

This hyperlink will also reveal some of the functionality of Firebug. Download this tool and try it on a few pages you find on the internet to decone the inner workings. Once you have this done let's move on to the transfer of files in our next page

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