Final Thought For You

There are many short cut methods of writing web content; simple pages or whole sites. Many of these do not require any knowledge of html or CSS. These may be a good starting point but I would always advocate for knowing what is going on "under the hood." Use this Google test to optimize your code. This is a good web tutoring site. Here also are a few WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) sites that require minimal knowledge. Just surf around with a web search of web site design and you will find endless possibilities. Website construction sites.

Fully functional no pain website Blogging software makes full wbsites too
"1 and 1" is a popular, all-inclusive web domain registrar and they provide construction tools as part of their pricing structure. They seem to have a focus on small business service. Wordpress is a free blogging software that will allow you to construct a website for free (they also host it free without upgrades) You can create static pages for a "real" website and do not have to involve reader feedback (comments)
All-In-One service Another view

Here are sites that sell you construction tools with the hosting at a reasonable cost. NetObjects Fusion and Dreamweaver are two very popular time-saving programs that can assist in putting together a more customized website.

Free design software Adobe Dreamweaver
Most features on this software are available as a free download. This seems like a fairly intuitive set of tools to construct a website. Dreamweaver is the best web construction software in my opinion. You can design either visually or crank out code (or combination) The newer versions include "live view" for Javascript behaviors.

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